Dear friends and family, 

If you haven’t already heard: We started a program for our favorite regulars!  We hope to provide a safe, fun way to help support us during this difficult time for restaurants.

The Fillmore Dining Club Membership Program: (FDC)

Standard Membership: 
-$150 a year per couple $75 per single 
-House account 
-Priority seating
-1/2 off corkage (2 bottles per dinner)

-$10 non-member guest fee ( up to 2 guests per dinner)

for monthly members only dinners 

-Bar seating for members

-Fireplace seating- our most coveted table for 2

Gold Membership:
-$500 a year per couple  
-House account 
-Priority Gallery seating 
-Free corkage (2 bottles per dinner)
-Unlimited Guests allowed for monthly members only dinners.

-Bar seating with guests up to 6 (must be pre-reserved).

-Fireplace seating- our most coveted table for 2

-Discounts on off premise wine prices.
-Discounted pricing for private events. 

Member Benefits:

-We will be offering two membership options, to a very limited and select 50 accounts:


-All members welcome to our members only diners featuring special menus and fun events.


-All memberships are valid per household and offer different guest options. 

-All members will receive a house account number. The restaurant will keep a card on file, along with some standard contact information, for your contact free payment convenience, and potential contact tracing purposes. 


- Our new gallery seating provides a fun, sophisticated and unique experience like none other in town. Mixed with our one on one service you love, and trust, we hope to be the best and safest deal in town,!!!!! Plus you can shop for ART!!!!


- Children under 18 will be allowed under family membership. 


-All adults 18 and up must have their own membership, or pay guest fee (for standard members).

Why Join?


  • Keeping our reservations to 50 families should allow us to know and carefully curate who is dinning at Fillmore, keeping it safest for both our guests and our staff.

  • Priority booking: We do our best to save a few tables each night we are open for last minute member reservations-of course these are first come, first serve for members.

  • MEMBERS ONLY DINNERS: Special members only Wednesday, either themed for keeping it classic, these nights will be for members only! Fun nights for our regulars!

  • We hope that for less than $15 a month, you can help to support Fillmore and our mission to spread happiness, love and joy through food to our community for years to come.

     As always, we appreciate your understanding and support in these times ahead-

Spencer Gwin, Jack Krietzman, Emma Gwin, Victoria Gwin 


For More Information & to Start Your Sign Up Email Here:

Thanks for reaching out about the Fillmore Dining Club, We will be in touch shortly with more information!